Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Comet passing by..can be seen by nakid eye .

C/2009 R1 (McNaught)

M. Jager obtained this image of comet McNaught on 2010 June 6.02, using a 20-cm telescope. Using an SXV-H9 CCD camera, he obtained separate 70-second exposures using red, green, and blue filters and then combined the images to form the color picture above.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The EvilHick's UFO Story

This is a true story. I ain't shittin ya.

As any other Hick would tell you ..........

I have seen a UFO'S, Ghost's and other creepy ass things.

But today I shall concentrate on my UFO story.

I was riding home with Mrs. EvilHick one night.

The skies were clear and my windows of my 1991 Jetta diesel was rolled all the way down.

I new the farmers were busy in the fields earlier, because the smell of freshly spread chicken manure was heavy in the air that night.

Now see, I know my way around pretty good and knew that I was heading due east , you know , where the steel mill is.

I was glancing up in the sky as I usually do.

Some times I see Venus.

Most of the time I like looking for Jupiter (Man that is one big ball of snot ' huh ' ) .

But usually, I get a good look at a " Shooting Star " or two.

I know .. I know ...

They ain't really falling stars.

Their just some left over junk from the protoplanetary disk during the formation of our
solar system, somewhere around 4 . something billion years ago .

But between you and me ... I still make a wish every time I see one .

I didn't see no shoot-in star that night. No Sir.

I saw a honest to Gawd UFO.

It was over the top of the steel mill, big and glowing.

Some fancier folks would say ..it pulsated .

Man Oh Man .

I slowed my Jetta down to a slow roll.

This dang UFO was doing things I ain't never seen .

It was getting bigger and getting smaller . It changed colors from, a orange to gray .

It would move to the left then ............zoooom........ to the right .

Heres the really strange thing ..........it was completely silent !

No Hum.

No Buz.

No Nuttin.

Something that big that came through the:

Milky Way Galaxy

to this solar system

to this planet

to the Steel Mill in my home town.... and it has no sound !

I was simply stumped.

No wonder you don't know when UFO's are around. They got some serious exhaust systems on those things !

Mrs. Evilhick was yellin at me " Watch out dummy ! Keep your eyes on the road not on the UFO , your rollin off the road ! "

I stopped my Jetta. and just watched this magnificent , super intelligent, alien technology , show'in me what it could do.

It was truly awe inspiring .

I was telling myself " I have seen a UFO with my own eyes. They are really real !".

Then something happened that I did no expect at all .

It was weirder than weird.

The UFO turned into a crescent shape. This was really cool look-in . UFO's are crescent spaceships!

Then I had pangs of pain in the ole EvilHicks head as brain wires snaped together (which can be painful at times ) .

The light of the almost full MOON was spilling over the long puffy cloud that was moving in front of it .

Ole my Gawd. I laughed out loud at myself. I was watching the Moon behind a invisible cloud the whole time. Ain't that a bitch.

There was only one cloud in the sky that night and just at the right time when I was looking up. It happen to be in front of the moon.

The cloud was perfectly invisible to me from MY perspective.

It made the almost full moon look like something, that I have never seen before and it was unidentifiable to me.

Well...till the freakin cloud moved out of the way

Always remember that what you see isn't always what you think it is . Pareidolia can be very convincing.

Be skeptical. ..........Of everything.

Even of your own senses .

Take care !

Friday, June 4, 2010

Space X Falcon 9 Success !

Falcon launch is a success. After one abort , that I think shows the reliability of the s rocket , it launched and all stages separated beautifully .

Awesome job Space X. You Rockoxr .

Welcome to the history books ( again ) !

Jupiter Impact on June 3 2010

Before I type anything else.

Hats off too Anthony Wesley and Chris Go.

You guys are AWESOME.

A large fireball was imaged on Jupiter by
two amateur astronomers Anthony Wesley and Chris Go.

Click here to see the offical site this came from.

Click here to see a video of the impact on youtube

When you put things in perspective... Damn..... that was one big fireball.

WOW this is a busy day in Astronomy

Today is the inaugural launch the Space X Rocket " Falcon 9 "

Click here for the live stream.

Click here for Space X website

This launch , in my eyes, is super important to commercial space . Space X has gone from launching big rockets with the aid of desktop computers and hot pockets to grabbing the imagination of big investors.

The world has shifted their gaze at Space X with the Falcon 9 . With a successful launch . Space X will reveal the path for other investors and show them that commercial space is here and here to stay .