Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yes I am a Hick

Yes I am a Hick . I am happily married to ... Mrs. Evilhick.
She said it was OK to give a little bit of our history about us so it goes:

We used to live in a trailer until one night one of our electrical outlets burst into flames, next to our mattress ( we didn't have a bed back then ) .
The trailer didn't burn down but it scared us into building a new home.
This is the old trailer. We converted it to a chicken house.

So we had two trailers built into one house ( thats called a double wide ) . Now we have a brand spanking new home and we even have a bed ( it is old and being held up by cinder blocks ).

We have 4 dogs 5 cats and 17 chickens. We did have twenty chickens, but one of our dogs pop the panel out of the back door and killed 3 of of our chickens .

Well as any true Hick would say .... I am a little to drunk to continue my story . until net post ....Jackie Chan .. Jet Li Rulez .

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