Monday, May 3, 2010

Mean dogs like to eat HUMANS !

Please take a couple of minutes and read this news article.

Child Attacked by Pit Bull in Easton

This is my opinion. I am a life long , multiple dog owner. I am not defending the owner nor the dog in this particular story.

Dog attacks are usually sensationalized by the news media outlets . The demonized breeds are Pitt Bull's , Doberman's, Sheppard's and Rottweiler's . The dog breed that I have owned and that has bitten,attacked, in blood lust rage are Chihuahuas .
I have never seen a major news media outlet report the violent attacks of this breed. They are very dangerous and only the most experienced owners should own them.

In every case that I have come across ( which is more than I can count on my fingers and toes ) . When a child is bitten by an dog. It is usually a warning snip .

Dog's have no way of saying " no" or " Stop that !Get away! " like humans can. They are animals and have to be respected as such.
All the cases I have seen with children involved, is when the child is either teasing, begins to play with the dog and gets to rough or to mean with them. Thats when the dog reacts by sniping them. This is usually in the face or the hands. Dogs teeth are designed to puncture and tear not cut. This is why a snip can snag the skin and look worse that what it is.

Unfortunately the bigger the dog the bigger the snip is and can be quite scary. Most of the time the child or person will over-react and in this sue happpy world the owner will get his day in court. Ultimately, the dog usually gets it the worse of it , because it was doing the only things it knows how to be , " an animal " .

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