Saturday, May 1, 2010

Who is this EvilHick Character ? Part 1

Well... as a young strapping young man. I was really into the Martial Arts , Fantasy and Sci-FI ( more into Martial Arts and Fantasy) . I was one of those kids who always had dragon dice on him and a shuriken or two . I even had a couple of pieces of home made plate armor ,made from the tin off of a chicken house roof.

Now my friends and I would always be outside ( cause back then you were told to " go outside and PLAY " ) . Man ole man.... we would make dungeons of acid pits out of nothing but a couple of broken bricks , split 2x4 's and our imagination's . We would spend the day robing the evil dragon of his treasure and getting the young maiden from his deadly clutches. Gawd...Where has those days gone.

Something happened. We grew up a little .

The Evilhick was in this preteen to teens when having battles in inter-tubes in a old ditch was boring and making bombs from gunpowder and watermelons was really cool . New Age was the thing back then . I was the master of Aura's and focusing my Ch'i (Qi).

Thats right. You heard it here first. The Evilhick was a Chi Master. I was about eleven or twelve back then . I was one cool cat ... Sho -Nuff !

I had a heart to heart talk with my best friend . Besides my closest friend ever ( Mrs Evilhick ), he is still my closest friend to this day (even if he doesn't think so ).

I asked him . " You don't really believe in all this stuff do you ? "

I asked him this because even at that of young age, I was skeptical . Meaning....If you say something is true. ... No problem . Show me the evidence and I will back it up . I have always been this way. I don't know why. I just am who I am ( gagagaga...wheres me spinach ) .

To get back to the story ......

I asked my best friend....... " You don't really believe in all this stuff do you ? "

He replied " Why would I spend all this time in something that wasn't true? "

I always considered this person to be a very intelligent person. That was the day I learned that intelligence and beliefs are two very different cats. That was the day I turned into a true magician .
What is a true magician you ask ?

A true magician is a person whom can walk through life and live as other people . The problem with true magicians is that sometimes they can lose themselves in there own illusions . Kinda like a method actor.

Damn....sorry I got side tracked again .... back to the story ..........:

I started to study magic......Well I started to study the art of illusions. I do love the art of illusions. Even to this day I will pull a illusion or two in a day and fool a person. They never know it happens. That's what makes it so good so special .

It's not a ego thing ( at least I don't think it is ) . It's just a reassurance .

People walk around in their environment , thinking that what they see, feel, touch, smell and hear is absolutely the truth......its not It can manipulated on purpose or by randomness and can be so misleading.

I'll put it in a magicians terms...... " Hey man ...master the Scotch and Soda and you'll get laid more than once ! "

to be continued..........................................

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