Sunday, September 19, 2010

Something to ponder on

Ok .....lets make up a totally FICTIONAL scenario .
Lets say ...that you and your spouse has  ummm.... three children.  You do not like what your local school and local environment can teach your children.

SO .. you and your spouse decide to raise your three children away from ALL technology , All people....and teach them that cockroaches are the superior beings on earth. You should bow and pray to the cockroach.. the true GOD.

Is this wrong ?  Should WE as all knowing , all moral , Americans, study and raid this family. Take the children and teach them our religion, OUR morals.

This is the REAL question.

Where do we draw the line?

Who are YOU , to tell someone how to raise there children ?
Should WE, as Americans, intervene with people who are raising their children the way they want?
If a religion , that thinks that whipping a child three times a day is the correct way to raise a child,  ....should we intervene?  It's not our way ... who is to say we are right ?
Maybe being to easy on children is the wrong way . Maybe XBOX and MTV is the true evil .
Who is to say...    .... ....... .......... .....

Ponder on it ........

Who gives you the right to judge someone else ?

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  1. We judge those who are "different" than the "acceptable" norm as being "slow, retarded, wingnuts, etc." Interestingly enough, we seem to be much less "tolerant" of those who are different than we used to be. Odd since we live in a society that is becoming more and more careful to be "PC." It seems that when someone appears to be "uneducated, unenlightened, etc." based upon their beliefs, practices, etc., that many feel justified in their ridicule of that person. I believe your post digs at the very heart of the question of WHO. WHO defines the "acceptable" norm? WHO defines what is the "right" way to think? WHO defined that your way of thinking is that of a smart, educated, tolerant person, while the thinking of someone else is uneducated, dangerous and "scary."