Monday, November 29, 2010

This dream is in First person

Neighborhood watch is in effect.

I look down a very well known town street to me. There is a golf club behind a line of bushes to my right. Downtown is to my left behind a similar looking line of bushes. A mist seems to linger around the lamps on the sidewalk.

I have a feeling of adventure and excitement. I know there is something I must do. I must patrol this road. No hooligans allowed around here, not with me around.

As I was patrolling I hear some laughing and I see a group of people having a party. There is a person on a picnic table and some others standing around a BBQ grill. The flames were so high on the grill, that the light makes weird shadows on the ground and the house.

The people seem to notice me and waved me over. I smiled and shook my head no.

Just as I did that a blue convertible ( I am not sure of the make or model ) drives up and it is Chuck Liddel in the car.

I told him that I sure was glad he showed up . I could use some extra muscle.

He said He wish he could help more , but there was more at play than just humans. He jumped out of the convertible without using the door and motioned me to follow him.

We ran through some bushes and ended up at a house that had white vinyl siding on the front and all glass on the back ( walls and all ) .

He said he was given a special weapon and couldn't figure out how to use it.  We went inside the house and on the side wall was a very weird looking object .

He took it off the wall and handed it to me and asked me to try to figure out how to work it. He was very urgent in his tone and said " they " were coming.

I looked the thing over. It was a very old looking piece of gray wood with kind of a stock look to one side ( kinda like a riffle stock ). A hilt of a French sword was mounted on the wood where the stock began. Some type of rope and cable was intertwined around what would be a barrel of the thing. A very bright gold cap was on the end.

I looked out the glass side of the house and there was a sunrise beginning and there was lots of clouds. I heard some yelling from the front of the house so I opened the front door and I saw the party goers from earlier coming out of the bushes and slowly walking towards the house. Their heads seems tilted forward as if they were really pissed offed .

............ ............ .................     .......... .......

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